Supplier: Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) is subject to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for reliability, quality and safety of electronic communication services offered in Norway.

The Service: The “Nettfart Mobile App” is an application that makes it possible to evaluate the quality and capacity of mobile broadband and Wi-Fi networks.

User:"User" means any person who downloads and uses the Nettfart Mobile app. Download and use of The Service targets persons over 18 years of age.

Terms:Use of The Service requires that the user has read and accepted these Terms of Use. This document sets out the terms and conditions that apply between Nkom and the User. By downloading and taking The Service into use, the User accepts these terms as legally binding for them.


The service is offered without any charges to Nkom, and can be installed on devices running newer versions of either Android or iOS.

The service allows the User to measure the quality and the capacity of their mobile broadband connection and /or Wi-Fi network. Measurements include amongst other the data transmission capacity, latency and signal strength. The measurement will provide detailed information on the current quality and capacity of the connection being measured.

The results of the measurements will be stored and partly used as a basis for evaluating the degree of coverage in the Norwegian mobile networks, including the mobile networks stability, safety and treatment of various types of data. The source code will be publicly available for inspection so that collection methods and calculations can be reviewed. The collected data can could identify the User will not be part of any open data and will be treated as confidential.

Apart from this, all the data collected through the Service will be publicly available; including an identification of the location measurements are made. A further indication of which information is publicly available and which are not, is set out in the current Privacy Policy.


The Nkom trademark, business name, logo, etc. may not be copied, modified or otherwise used without the prior written consent of Nkom.

All rights to the service, source code and data, belongs to Nkom. The User acknowledges Nkom their copyright, trademark and domain rights to the Service.

All results from the measurements carried out, is in its entirety to be considered as Nkom’s property. To ensure the highest quality of the results, Nkom preserves the right to remove or mark deviant / improbable measurements.

The User is granted a temporary and limited non-exclusive right to use the Service, at his/her own expense and risk.

The Service may only be used for its intended purpose, and must not be used for purposes that are illegal or otherwise misused. It is not allowed to use the Service for commercial purposes, and the User is not entitled to further / sub / sublicense the Service.

Use in violation of these terms could result in expulsion from the Service, as well as liability for any losses the misappropriation causes.


The Service is offered by Nkom as a mobile application via App Store and Google Play. The User understands and agrees that the Service shall not be used in violation of the valid conditions and usage rules of the App Store, Google Play or other distribution supplements.


Nkom is at all times free to modify, pause or end The Service without forewarning and may not be responsible for any missing update, errors, inaccuracies, or downtime.


By installing and using the Service, The User agree that Nkom uses, logs and stores the data in accordance with what is stated in the these conditions and in the current privacy policy.

The purpose of the collection and storage of personal data is to ensure the highest quality and accuracy of the data used to present information about the quality of the mobile networks.

Nkom by CEO is responsible for treating personal data according to the Personal Data Act § 2. All personal data are stored and maintained in a proper manner and in accordance with the prevailing legislation.

The current privacy statement provides information about what data is collected through the use of the Service.

The User may at any time terminate the use of the Service, and demand that Nkom delete all personal data. Nkom deletes or anonymize registered personal information automatically every 6 months.


Nkom aims for keeping the Service updated, accurate and complete. User accepts, however, and is fully aware that downloading and use of the Service and any services related to this, is only a technical/electronic aid offered “as is” at any time.

The service and the measurements performed may contain errors, inaccuracies, delays and deficiencies, and Nkom makes no warranties for the service's reliability, accuracy or application etc. The same applies to any external services provided by third parties.

The User is aware that there are many factors that can affect measurements done by The Service, such as radio noise, antenna conditions, atmospheric conditions, properties of the terminal itself etc. This means that the measurements made with the Service not necessarily express the correct quality and capacity of the measured connection. Any use of the Service and the associated data therefore occurs on the User's own risk.

Nkom disclaims any direct and indirect responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, delays and defects etc. for the Service and any related products, applications and services.

Nkom is not liable to damage and /or loss of any kind as a result of The Service and use of this. Nkom has no responsibility for loss of data or information obtained by use of the Service.


All inquiries regarding the use of The Service can be directed to Nkom via email nettfart@nkom.no as well as by telephone 22 82 46 00.


Any dispute between Nkom and the User, and any dispute in relation to the Service and these conditions, is subject to Norwegian law.

Any dispute shall have Oslo District Court, Norway, as legal venue.